Suggestion: Mac community here

Suggestion: Mac community here



 Jun 25 2020
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There are many Microsoft programs that work differently on a Mac vs Win 10. Since relatively small percentage of folks here are on Mac, I think having a Mac community would focus attention, both from users and from the folks at Microsoft that support Mac versions. If you had take up, you could have sub-communities for Teams, OneDrive, Outlook, and Office Products.


My current issue involves OneDrive, but I think relatively few people in the OneDrive community would be Mac users.


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PS - you could make it an iOS Community too.

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Hello! As a heads-up, I moved this from the Community Discussion space to the Community Ideas space, which is where we track suggestions.

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I believe there is no need to have separate group for Apple products like iPad or macOS. However, they could be sub-category.

For example, we have Microsoft 365 and under it we have sub-category for macOS.

And for technical issues, you may ask them in Microsoft Answers forum. However, in case you have discussion about Microsoft Cloud technology, look and feel would be the same in any platform. 

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Thanks Reza.... I don't think Tech Community is cloud products only? On a Mac, many Microsoft cloud things work differently in Safari and Mac Chrome and Mac Edge browser than on Windows browser.


Also, the desktop products are on different release schedules and feature sets.


I think Answers is for specific technical problems and here is for both technical issues but broader discussions.


EDIT: there is one Mac sub-group, , so maybe it is a matter of elevating that group to the higher level to include other Mac issues.


I am curious if you do use a Mac in your normal work? 


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Here is an example of a Mac specific issue that does not get attention in these forums, where a stronger Mac focused area (with a Microsoft sponsor) would be great:

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Nah, this is not needed. Look at the logo at the top of this community. What does it say? If you said Microsoft, you are correct. How can Microsoft help its rival(s)?

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You can post your question or discussions in the OneDrive community if it's related to OneDrive experience on Mac.

as long as it's OneDrive (no matter the platform: Android, IOS, Mac, Windows, Web etc)

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@Kam — How can Microsoft help its rival(s)?


Microsoft’s #1 rival is Amazon (Azure vs AWS). Just like the Amazon bookstore was the early customer of AWS, O365 is the early customer of Azure.  Microsofts second rival is Google for Search. 


I guess Apple iCloud vs personal OneDrive is competitive, maybe? The Surface vs iPad/MacBook Air?  But its not like Apple Sheets is competing for Excel business, at least not in my opinion.


Anyway, more broadly, my suggestion is that Microsoft customers that use Mac’s should have more dedicated support. You can say that all “cloud products” should work the same, but its just not the case. There are often Mac specific permissions problems with Office products. Mac Outlook is totally different - in some ways better, in many ways worse, than Win Outlook. Many SharePoint features do not work on a Mac. 

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Ok, that's what I said, did you quote me (at the top?)

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@Rob O'Keefe There are community hubs for each products no matter which platform, as long as it's Microsoft product you can post your discussion in that related community hub.

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Status changed to: Closed

Thank you all for your feedback, having considered the suggestion we feel it would be inappropriate for us to develop an all up Mac Community and instead we will leave it to the individual products who have mac specific experiences to manage comments / engagements from customers on their products on a Mac, however they deem that to be appropriate.


This is because a significant number of our communities here in the Microsoft Tech Community are services and so do not have a experience that is different for mac users than for PC users. To create a separate area for Mac users would mean our MVPs and Employees would need to watch two separate areas for, what could be, virtually the same questions and would likely lead to confusion and requests / questions being missed.


Thanks Again