[Suggestion] Let users see posts edit history

[Suggestion] Let users see posts edit history



 Oct 21 2019
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Let users see posts edit history.

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Are you referring to comments on a discussion thread ? For example if you posted a comment then went back and delete out a sentence and published. After that, this edit history would allow you to see the sentence you deleted out? I want to make sure I am clarifying the ask before I send this up to the developers :). Thank you! 



Yes exactly :)

Both comments and the topics could use post edits.

lots of times there are posts/comments that say for example "posted 1 year ago and edited 5 minutes ago" and the user would wonder, what has changed.


also in the post edit history, the changes should be highlighted in color to be easily noticeable, Thanks 

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I'm having big privacy concerns about this. If I mistakenly publish private information, nobody should be able to reveal that after I edited this out.


And even about non-private information. If I edit my post, it's of no concern to anybody why I edited it or what it was before.

@Daniel Niccoli

The moment a comment or post is made, someone can take a screen shot or record the screen and that information will be taken and saved. 


So if you wanna go that way and talk about worse case scenarios then they are not even remotely relevant to post or comment history. 

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There is a difference between one person taking a screenshot of accidentally published private information -- on the off-chance that there is even a malicious person there to do so in that exact minute between publishing and editing --  and that same private information being available for everyone at their fingertips, forever.

@Daniel Niccoli 


so make sure not to post private information in the first place.


a lot more popular websites such as the whole Stack Exchange network of Q and A websites do allow post edit history to everyone and they don't have none of the issues you are talking about.


if you accidentally post private information, then you have already the option to immediately delete your post or comment and make a new one without your private information in it.

Oh I forgot to mention something important,

if you are worried about personal info, you should remember that the second you post a comment to a thread, a copy of that comment will be sent to the Email address of Everyone subscribed to that thread/topic.


if you make a new topic/post, a copy of that topic will be sent to anyone who subscribed to that forums's RSS feed, and that copy will be quickly downloaded and saved in their RSS feed reader program.


so technically and logically, there is no downside to having post history.


I hope I've provided enough info, please someone review this again, thanks in advance.

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Thank you all for your feedback.


We have reviewed this idea and its not something we currently have the facility to provide either technically or in a way that meets our obligations to both customers and business owners.

The only interaction style that supports full history at this time is KBs, which are not currently widely used in the Microsoft Tech Community.


Thank you for your idea and do keep submitting them.

@Allen Thanks for reviewing it anyway :)