Suggestion for 2 new communities

Suggestion for 2 new communities



 Aug 13 2019
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Xbox and UWP (apps)

Xbox community can be about Xbox, Xbox insiders, Xbox anywhere, Windows core OS which is making it possible to play native Xbox games directly on Windows 10 PCs,(  this started with State of Decay game) and cross platform features.

UWP apps can be about All of the conversations about Apps on Windows, Hololens, Xbox etc. such as built in apps, 3rd party apps and using App builder for developers.

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Hello @HotCakeX ,


Thank you for the feedback on the new communities proposed. 


There is currently a community that exists for Xbox that can be found here :


Regarding your second community ask, is there a community that we have that currently exists that we could propose making "UWP" a sub- community of? This way, we could make sure to reach out to the proper channels to possibly implement this community . 

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Hi, @Sarah.Gilbert 

Thanks for the reply,

Yes, I think the closest and most related candidate would be the Windows 10 community

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The tech community focuses more on Microsoft Products for Enterprise and business (ITPros) I totally think your idea is valid but the best place for it would be in the Xbox Community and so I would highly recommend going to the xbox community and submitting your suggestion there.

All the best