Split Microsoft Edge window with x tabs into for example 2 windows with x/2 tabs

Split Microsoft Edge window with x tabs into for example 2 windows with x/2 tabs



 Aug 26 2021
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Hi! I know my description wasn't so understandable haha i explain it better (I apologize in advance if the feature already exists haha):

I'm a Microsoft Edge user, and it's great that you can have multiple tabs in one window, but at least in my knowledge, you can only "separate" one single tab at a time from its current window. So if you have a window with 9 tabs, and you want for example determinated 4 out of 9 tabs in its own window... it's lot of work to separate each one of them and then get them all 4 into their own window. I imagine the solution as "selecting" tabs (just like you can "select" documents in a folder) and then drag them all together out. Selecting with the mouse would be difficult, selecting by pressing shift and then click every tab you want to select would work i think.

It would also be suuper helpful to be able to "name" a microsoft edge window.


Imagine you're researching about idk technology, and soon the first 5 tabs you have are about general topics, and then you find something interesting, idk a new processor model and start reading about it, and that's other 9 tabs. And there you find info about the strategy they used, and that's other 6 tabs i think you got the point.


I would then find it cool to be able to "select" the first 5 tabs, drag them out to their own window and name the window "general topics". And if there would be an option to save the window as a collection (the name and its 5 URLs), it would just be wow respect.


Thank you for reading!!

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Hello! Thanks for your suggestion.


However, this is not the right place for it. This is specifically intended for ideas for the Microsoft Tech Community website, not for products such as Microsoft Edge.


To give feedback/share ideas about Microsoft Edge, we'd recommend clicking Help and Feedback on the top right and Send Feedback directly through the Edge Browser.