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Space for Microsoft Career



 Oct 14 2021
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Microsoft Career website doesn't have any forum so people would be able to ask questions and discuss about Microsoft jobs. They have a blog but no forum for discussion. 

It would be nice if Microsoft Career would have space in this community and they post their blog and discussion and even share event.

It would help them to have a better engagement with people. 

I am wondering it would be nice to discuss this idea with the Microsoft Career team and setup a space in this community.

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I think that's a great idea!

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I think that such a public forum will not be created in the MTC.

Hiring in any company is a confidential matter - the form of discussion in a public forum between employees, or future employees, for me does not seem appropriate.

Of course, this is my private opinion supported by experience.

I am very curious if this idea will be accepted?

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Thank you @Andrzej1 for sharing your opinion, I believe I need to clarify it. Microsoft Career has a weblog to share tips and trick for hiring in the Microsoft. I am asking for forum to ask questions like Visa or Accommodation, tips and idea and so on. It even would be nice if Microsoft Career would have a virtual event in this forum. They sometimes visit universities to hire young talent and there have been virtual career event, but recently , I haven't seen much of these events.

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Status changed to: Under Review

Thank you for your idea, we will assess this idea along with all the ideas submitted.

Ideas are assessed as follows:


  • What is the demand for this from users? (likes)
  • Does this idea align with our community objectives? (internal)
  • Is it feasible (technically or resourcing)?
  •  What is the Level of Effort to implement it?

We will of course let you know if your idea progresses or is not in scope as soon as that decision has been made

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Hi @Allen 


Thank you for the update , however regarding to the number of likes, I believe more jobs need to be done. Because, I believe there are several users in the Microsoft Technical Community who are not aware of this idea center.

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All valid points, we promote the ideas board in the new members welcome email, a new email we started sending from Nov 15th, and so more people will be aware of it going forward. Of course your also welcome to put it as a footer on your posts to encourage other users to vote for it.





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Thank you @Allen for the clarification.