Small ui / ux issues

Small ui / ux issues



 Jul 22 2016
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  • It's pretty hard to see if you liked a post. I think the button turns to a lighter blue, but it's almost not noticable.
  • the paging buttons are pretty small when you're browsing topics. Pretty hard to find and use when on an ipad. Also I don't think the number of pages are shown.
  • if you browse go to your conversations via your profile, the text and the profile image overlap.
  • the navigation items in the hamburger menu are too small when using a mobile device. Or there's too little white space. (Which is a bit ironic as the large amount of white space everywhere else downgrades the usability)
  • the ul and li elements are not visible when reading post on an ipad. E.g. I don't see them on this post, which makes the post hard to read if you're scrolling through subjects.
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i want to second/emphasize the size of the menu items in the hamburger menu.  almost impossible to get the right thing on the first try on my mobile phone or on my surface touchscreen.

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Thank you for the feedback!

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Hi all,


We released some new designed in the summer last year which addressed this issue, sorry its take so long to update the thread.


Please do submit any idea's you have on the new design through. 

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