Show MTC notifications in browsers using HTML5 web notifications

Show MTC notifications in browsers using HTML5 web notifications



 Mar 11 2020
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Many sites and forums use HTML5 web notifications to show push notifications in browser, even when browser is closed. 

in operation systems like Windows 10, the notifications show up as nice banners in the notification center, it helps to stay in touch among other benefits.

please implement this feature in Microsoft Tech Community.


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Status changed to: New Idea


It would technically be feasible but I worry that many users, except maybe our most dedicated users, might find it a bit of an annoyance. If you can get this idea upvoted enough I promise I will consider it for a future release.



@AllenHi, thank you for your response, there are many websites/forums that offer this feature and browsers also have the option to turn this setting off. Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Chrome, the 3 main browsers have easily accessible option to turn off notifications should the user find the notifications annoying or too much.

Also, this option does not need to be turned on by default. I'm sure you're familiar with because there is a checkbox in Outlook website settings where you can check that box to enable web notifications whenever you receive an Email. so the same option can be added in each person's profile settings, optional.

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Status changed to: On Hold

@HotCakeX although this idea has not got allot of votes and is eligible to be closed on that basis, this functionality maybe an option when the platform has been re-architected in mid 2022..


I will keep it till its clearer and then asses popularity.

I do block any notifications on any site to avoid extra noise, but that's great to be confirmed one more time that this platform is constantly improved. Hope modified architecture brings another great functionality.