Show if the post already reported as inappropriate

Show if the post already reported as inappropriate



 Jan 12 2022
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Sometimes we run into posts which are against the CoC or the community rules and we report them. However, when we report such a post, and we visit it again, it sill gives us an option to report it. So we are able to report a post as abuse number of time. Sometimes we might report one post multiple times like when we are reporting a post one day and report it again later. Therefore, it would be nice to add a feature like when we report a post to the moderator, it should show a message like it already been reported , so we won't report it again. Or it could be an option to edit our original report message. When moderator reviewed it and consider it as safe, then let to report it as abuse again.

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Please explain in more detail - because I have never reported the same post 2 times, so I do not understand this idea?

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Good question @Andrzej1 , let me tell you the example.

I remember coming across a spam post and reported it. Then next day while I was checking the post I come across the same post and report it again ( I confused thinking same post is on the different forum) and I manage to report it. However, let say if it has been marked as reported (for me), I wouldn't report it again.

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I do not see a problem - if you re-report inappropriate content 2 or 3 times a day (the moderator will see that it is urgent).

I would like the Moderator to thank you for a justified submission - it would really be encouraging, e.g. in a private message.

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Interesting, I am not sure the platform supports this but I will take it away and find out!


Thanks for the feedback.

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Thank you @Allen