Show how many people have subscribed to a thread

Show how many people have subscribed to a thread



 Mar 12 2021
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Show the number of users subscribed to a thread,

additionally, show each subscriber's username. when someone decides to subscribe to a thread, offer an option to do so anonymously.

it'd show how popular a thread is.

the view counter on each thread is unfortunately not an accurate measure as it actually counts page visits and even a page refresh can increase it.



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Tak zgadzam się 

Interpretacja i ocena postu przez pryzmat statystki wejść może nie pomagać w rzeczywistej

ocenie i każdy członek Tech Community ma prawo do sprawiedliwej oceny !

W małej grupie nigdy nie otrzyma bardzo wielu polubień   i nie może liczyć na tysiące

wejść .

Ten temat dobrze ze poruszono  warto się zastanowić jak to ulepszyć

     dziękuje bardzo - jest mi tu dobrze być

Thank you! :)

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Tech Community jest wspaniałym miejscem dla wszystkich !

        Ja też Dziękuję !


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I am going to make this one on-Hold, the platform doesn’t currently allow a way to show the number of subscribers, I know I spent ages trying to do it about 6 months ago. Full disclosure I doubt showing who has subscribed would be viable as we have an obligation to users privacy there.  Keep in mind as soon as you engage in anyway with a thread then you become subscribed by default.. I think thats just a bit of a minefield.


Anyway as I say we will keep it on hold to see if we can bring total subscription count in a future version.

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Status changed to: On Hold