Sharing replies directly through the links

Sharing replies directly through the links



 Aug 08 2020
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Sometimes when we check new conversations, we see that a reply from an old conversation would be the best answer for the former one. The problem is that when the conversation is large with many pages, it is hard to show which reply we are talking about. I know that replies have their own special link on Microsoft Tech Community when clicked, shows the title of the reply as the title of the webpage which is RE:.. by default and takes the user to the specific reply of that conversation. So, I am suggesting that these links should be sharable making it easier for the user to find the specific reply of a conversation.

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Thank you for the feedback, can you tell me a little more about this idea? Are you looking for some sort of share button on the actual message? the perma links are shareable so I am just trying to make sure I understand