SharePoint List Item Field Search Case Insensitive and Wildcard

SharePoint List Item Field Search Case Insensitive and Wildcard



 Jun 21 2021
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Currently, the search function on the SharePoint List Item dropdown/lookup field is extremely prohibitive; case sensitive, requires left to right entry and does not allow search of characters and/or words within the search word. Example, if searching for "ABC123 Company", the search for this entry needs to be exactly "ABC123 Company" and "abc123 company", "abc" or "123" will not yield results. 

Idea is to remove case sensitivity AND remove requirement for left to right character entry or allow for wildcards. 

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Hello! You've posted an idea about the SharePoint product and this idea space is reserved solely for ideas for the Microsoft Tech Community website.


For SharePoint ideas, go here: (link no longer active - removed)

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Following the suggested link sends you to a page that says "Site Deactivated".


This is actually emblematic of the entire experience of trying to use SharePoint.


Obviously the original poster's point is a good one. A "search" that behaves this way is utterly useless as I have just discovered.

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Yes, I did post this response in June when that site was still active. Sorry for any inconvenience. 


The purpose of my response is that there is no one from the SharePoint team monitoring this particular discussion page since it is intended for ideas for the Microsoft Tech Community and not for SharePoint or any other product. 


I will see what I can find out about where the best place is now to offer SharePoint ideas and feedback and will circle back.




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Sorry, just having (another) afternoon of spending hours trying to do something simple in SharePoint that should just work... didn't mean to be grumpy.

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As per this article, feedback solutions for Microsoft products are evolving, but the best place to share feedback for the time being is here: