Setting Time Zone for Private Messages

Setting Time Zone for Private Messages



 Oct 17 2020
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Hey everyone!


Today anonymous sent me a message. The time shows 2:03 PM. But I live in Virginia, where it was 5:03 PM. I wish we could set time zones so that we can get the correct time.




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The time zone your PM's show is controlled by the time zone set in your profile, see: My Settings - Microsoft Tech Community


The default is Pacific Time because that is where the community is currently hosted. Maybe in a future release we should direct people to choose their time zone on first sign in or possibly as part of the onboarding workflow.

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@Allen I have EST set...

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I just tested you sending me a PM and me replying.


The times in your profile were EST and the times in my Profile were PST, which is what I expected. Are you seeing something different?

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@Allen I see the same...

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Lets take this to PM because something is a miss and I do not currently know what

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@Allen, sure.