Send Emails from Microsoft Domains

Send Emails from Microsoft Domains



 Feb 27 2021
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I noticed automatic email notifications are being sent from domain.

It is expected because I believe this community is build on top of khoros platform.

However, I would like recommend to have a better privacy and trust , create a mechanism so notification emails would send directly from domain.

It would be easier for spam management and also it is more reliable. 


Vote for this

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Agreed, had me confused at first!


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Thank you for upvoting, I also noticed this when we notice emails are being sent to Junk and as I was investigating whether it is trustworthy or not, I realize this issue cause by Microsoft Technical Community.

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This changed with the New Year. I missed a lot of notifications because of the change
and I was slow to notice the change.

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Status changed to: On Hold

Thank you for the feedback, this change was made because the emails from our old email were getting marked as spam due to a very tight DMARC policy on our domain settings.

This was the quickest and most effective way of ensuring that you continued to get emails from the platform and we are currently investigating how we might solve this problem with Khoros.


We will also shortly be styling our email notifications, which we hope will help reduce this confusion in the future.

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Hi @Allen 


Thank you for clarification, this actually brings confusion and some emails sent to Spams and it took a while to investigate and verify it is the safe email and for many users it has been confusing too. I hope this would be fixed in future and we would have mail from Microsoft's domain in future, it would be easier for administrators too.

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+1 let's hope this can be fixed soon :)

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yep ok


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