Select the Default Editor for Reply

Select the Default Editor for Reply



 Jan 21 2022
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When we are replying to a post the default is the quick editor and it load fast but it lack HTML functionalities. You may select and use Full text editor which contains all HTML options but it slower to load. 

However you couldn't select the default editor. I recommend add an option so users could select  their reply should load Standard editor or Full text editor based on their preference.

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Currently, with one click I can choose how I want to answer a topic - your idea does not seem justified - because the settings would have to be assigned to the profile - it would require synchronization and I do not know if there will be support for this idea?

I will wait for other opinions.

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Yes, however it is not hard to implement , it is just a user profile and set to load the mode.

It will improve the user experience.

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I also like my settings and appreciate everything that works fast on the MTC website.

You have my support!

Best regards

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Thank you @Deleted 

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Guys can I check you know this is already a thing?


If you go to My Settings >> Display

At the bottom you will see a "Enable Quick Reply" option.


if you untick it then when you try to reply to a post it will automatically load the full editor.


Let me know if your idea is different to this.





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Hi Allen,


To confirm this, let say if I uncheck the box, it will load the Full editor all the time, is that correct?

In this case, this is what I have been looking for but I realize the user experience need to change as this setting is misleading a bit.

It would be nice to add a Radio button and you have options of Quick Reply and Full Reply and user would be able to select either. and the label should be Default Reply: 

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Marking as complete, the function to enable to disable the quick reply exists today, the other suggestions in the thread on the terms used have been considered and are not changes we plan to take forward at this time.