See all my posts and replies in My Activity

See all my posts and replies in My Activity



 Sep 19 2021
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In My Activity on the My Profile page, I can see all my discussions, but if there are many replies to a discussion it's hard to find my reply. I would like to see all the replies I have written in a discussion in My Activity.

Community Manager
Status changed to: Under Review

Thank you for your idea, we will assess this idea along with all the ideas submitted.

Ideas are assessed as follows:


  • What is the demand for this from users? (likes)
  • Does this idea align with our community objectives? (internal)
  • Is it feasible (technically or resourcing)?
  •  What is the Level of Effort to implement it?

We will of course let you know if your idea progresses or is not in scope as soon as that decision has been made