Search Interface that Integrates All Office Apps

Search Interface that Integrates All Office Apps



 Apr 18 2021
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Summary: Tag sections of work so that the important information is conveniently searchable rather than the whole page and can be viewed alongside work with the same tags across applications


For example, allow dynamic highlighting, of notes from powerpoint, onenote and word, excel etc. that then formats that information into a 'box' that you can give tags (e.g. select information via a system like the 'capture selected portion' for screen-shotting on a mac). These tags can then be searched which will list each box with that keyword that can be scrolled through. This is because simply searching a keyword can give you excessive amount of hits that might not be that important to what you want, usually you can only view the results from one app, search only gives a brief summary and often you will only be able to view one search result at a time in a clunky manner as it will show you the full page rather than just the information that you want.


This would be so helpful as a student as there are things that might have only been a footnote one day that I didn't pay attention to or can't remember which file it was originally from which a year later might have a whole lecture on and I want to compare notes. It may also have been a part of several different lecturers taught by many people which I organised in different apps (some powerpoint, some word) which on its own is only a small part but together gives a big picture view of completely different aspects of a topic that might be part of an essay etc.


Great if:

-each tag can be given a priority sub-tag e.g. definition, worked exam question/problem solving etc that specifies the order it will be shown in

-it creates a split screen from the app you were originally working from

-you could double tap to allow you to move around the 'box' and see the text surrounding what was tagged (particularly in word/onenote)

-hyperlink the words that have been used as tags to quickly enter the splitscreen

-you can save the search results into a word document or OneNote page (bonus if it can automatically update with new information or the boxes can be moved around into different orders)


Here is a brief sketch to visualise my idea, left is the original app the user is working on right shows the search results.




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