Rewrite to SPA: faster navigation without page reloads

Rewrite to SPA: faster navigation without page reloads



 Feb 07 2020
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This website feels like you are in 2007 with 2012 design - everything is flat and page reloads at every click on any link.


I respect the effort you Microsoft developers put into this portal, but also we need to rethink some aspects that becoming problems, like navigation inside this website. Every major website on Internet has:

  • SPA means no page reload at any a[href] that leads to inner resources;
  • Lazy load;
  • Virtual scrolling;
  • Infinite page (debatable, I'm against it personally, pagination is better).

Thanks for info and have a nice day, would be grateful if you put this suggesstion in your backlog.

P. S. Further feedbacks are different from this one, will be posted separately.

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Thank you for the feedback, I am not sure we will go the SPA route but the underlying architecture is being completely rewritten and so we should have much more modern experience for the community by the end of 2022 at the latest.


We will of course share updates as soon as we have them.