Release Note for Microsoft Technical Community

Release Note for Microsoft Technical Community



 Apr 21 2022
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For the benefit of transparency and avoiding redundancy in reporting issues, it would be nice to add a release note and it should contains list of known and confirmed bugs in the Microsoft Technical Community website and its status. I propose the status as the following:


New- bug has been reported and the team confirmed it is valid but it is not investigated yet

Under review- resources assigned and are investigating and working on fixing the issue

Fixed- the problem have been fixed and tested and working as expected


This could be a simple post pin at the tope of the Community Lounge page and get updated regularly.

Community Manager
Status changed to: Under Review

I like the idea of being transparent about the things we are working on but there would be some things we might not want to share until after it was fixed. Currently I look at Community Ideas for reports of any bugs and use the status system here to provide feedback as appropriate.


For me its actually useful to have multiple reports of the same issue (weather via email, ideas or the Lounge) as it helps me gauge how many users affected by the issue and prioritize fixes accordingly. 


Open to exploring this for sure but we would need to think through the best way to communicate this information. 

Silver Contributor

To clarify my idea, I could refer to the Microsoft Edge community.

They receive tons of feedbacks and bug reports through different ways, and they share a post of what is new in the Microsoft Edge build and what has been fixed or what is being investigated. While they might not share everything but they share common issue so the community will know team is working on them.

Release Notes is more or less standard practice (bugs fixed, new functionality added), it will be great to have something similar here. Not necessary to share future plans, that could be separate channel.