Real-time posts, replies, messages, and notifications

Real-time posts, replies, messages, and notifications



 Jul 08 2018
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On Hold

Each time I get a reply to a conversation I subscribed in, I have to reload the page in order to see that reply!

The same is true for the posts, messages, likes, and all notifications in general!

I suggest implementing some technologies so that we don't have to reload the page in order to see the new posts, replies, messages, and notifications.

It would be great if you implement this in the community.

I think you begin to embrace this approach as I see sometimes a little message pops up in real-time tells me that someone has created a new post or reply.

Thank you for your commitment to this community.

Community Manager
Status changed to: Under review

Thank you for taking time to provide us with this idea.


To a certain extent we are limited by the platforms ability to do this currently. It's something we have heard a few times and so I will add it to our list of ideas to consider, when the technical restraints have been addressed. 

Community Manager
Status changed to: New Idea
Community Manager
Status changed to: On Hold

Sorry for all the status updates.


I am fixing a bug with our statuses at the moment.


By way of an update I am putting this on hold because this requires a design change from the platform vendor. I have spoken to them about it and many other customers have asked for the same thing so hopefully we will see some movement on this soon.


I will of course provide an update as soon as I have one. 

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I also raised this issue in July 2016 - which has just been closed. I still think this is a really bad advert for the whole platform.

Community Manager

@Julian Knight 


When looking at the two ideas this one was broader and essentially had the same ask, that's the only reason I asked you to vote up this idea. 


Please note that later today I will actually merge the two ideas together but I wanted you to know why I was doing that rather than just doing that.


Idea's are reviewed and prioritized on technical feasibility, also the number of votes they have, and how they align with our objective for the community - not the age of them.

Sounds great. just like Facebook comments system, they are posted in real time. heck you can even see who is typing a comment in real time too!