" Code,Prwatity and Suggestions "I propose a new name for the Community

" Code,Prwatity and Suggestions "I propose a new name for the Community



 Jun 07 2021
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In the continuation of the two threads, please analyze my name change request for the Community Lounge to the new name " Code,Prwatity and Suggestions "

Or I ask for other suggestions for understanding this space in the MTC

Please support me!







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Community Lounge is maybe not the best name :)

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first of all, it introduces a misunderstanding of this space and the tasks it is supposed to perform, and the posts do not have the right answers, because they do not go directly to competent communities where they may have an idea for a solution!


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I am open to suggestions for naming, but I would would also say, in 10 years of running online communities, you will never address the issues you highlight with a rename.

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Thank you 

It would be great if everyone could properly recognize this Community, and the name 

the objectives and tasks of this space!


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