Quick reply should update the display immediatly

Quick reply should update the display immediatly



 Jul 16 2016
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The quick reply feature submits back to the server and displays an update box but does not actually update the current display - this is like web design from 5+ years ago, has nobody in the design team heard of dynamic web design, REACT/Angular or even Knockout?


So if I click on the link to update the page, the page fully reloads and takes me to the top - Urgh! How is this meant to encourage dynamic interaction or facilitate natural communication? Even old-fashioned web forums had this sorted years ago.


Indeed, the whole site is in dire need of some dynamism and if this is supposed to be a good advert for the Lithuim plaftorm, I'm afraid it fails badly.

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Hi @Julian Knight ,


I agree its not the best, this platform actually uses Angular and NodeJS. Anyway this idea is very similar to this one which kinda covers it better.


Please feel free to vote for the other one and I will update that thread as soon as we can support it.