Put the Tech Community Ideas into the "main feed"

Put the Tech Community Ideas into the "main feed"



 Jun 08 2021
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Hey everyone,


I personally often just check the latest posts that are listed under https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/

When I found out this Hub, I was surprised. Is it possible to list the latest post from here also to the main feed? A lot of people probably didn't even know about this TC ideas hub. 
This would also add a higher feedback rate I guess.


Let me know your opinions.



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The current solution for publishing ideas is sufficient!

Microsoft has developed the right proportions in this space for Members and provides the opportunity to present its proposals - which are analyzed by a competent team - to improve the operation of the MTC 

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Thank you for taking time to provide feedback. The feed on the homepage is powered, initially, by popular boards and then once you have joined a community it only shows communities your a member of. 


I suspect there would be members who would provide the opposite feedback if we implemented this but some work we are doing right now is around improving the onboarding experience and helping community members find their way around the community. Maybe a visit to the ideas boards would be a good addition to that?


What do you think?

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Hi @Allen ,

Thank you for your response.

For sure, tbh. I had trouble to understand that I have to follow each own topic to get them into my main feed, now it's an easy task for me.

I like your idea. +1


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I am marking this as complete because if you follow the Ideas board (at the top) then ideas from here will populate into your feed on the homepage.