post list not showing latest reply

post list not showing latest reply



 Sep 03 2019
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I already posted this here  but was pointed to the Ideas space, which is very well hidden. 


Hi, when looking at a list of posts/questions, there is a preview of a reply. Posting a new reply to an older post brings the post to the top of the list, but for some reason, an older reply is showing in the preview.


Can this please be changed to to show the latest reply to the question?  It seems that replies with the most Likes or marked as solutions are favoured in the preview, but that should not be the case if the question pops to the top of the list because of the latestreply.  This is bad UX. The sort order should make sense. If it's a chronological sort order, then the interface should show the item that caused the sort order to change.

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Status changed to: Planned

Thank you for the feedback, this is definitely not ideal, we will look into this shortly and identify a fix. 


I will update this post once we have a fix scheduled / released.



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@Ingeborg Hawighorst,


I was discussing this with our developers and the way the feeds work is that the summary you see on the homepage or community page shows the most recent reply to the original post. So if someone replies to one of the replies that does not show up in the summary.


So at the moment this is working as designed, that said we agree that this is a little confusing and so we are going to take a deeper look into the logic we are using here and seek to update it.


I will, of course, update you as soon as I have more to share.