Possibility to link to do tasks to outlook calendar

Possibility to link to do tasks to outlook calendar



 Apr 21 2023
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It would be nice if we could link the tasks with deadlines/dates we create in the to do app to our outlook calendar so that they are better synchronized together. Also the ability to switch from one app to the other is a bit of a struggle. On one hand outlook calendar amongst other nice features, allows me to have a broad overview of things that need to be done during my week . On the other hand to do allows me to have a very basic but clear view of all my tasks by category and to very easily check/uncheck what's done. A combination of both things would be very cool

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Thanks for the suggestion! However, this idea space is intended only for ideas specifically for the Microsoft Tech Community website, not for other products and services such as Outlook.


To share your idea/feedback around Outlook, please do so here: https://feedbackportal.microsoft.com/feedback/forum/89a8afa3-2e1c-ec11-b6e7-0022481f8472