Place to present new MVPs or FTE

Place to present new MVPs or FTE



 Jun 08 2021
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Hey everyone,


I think it would be cool to have a site, that shows new Microsoft MVPs or new MS FTE (That are active in the Community). 


Let me know your opinion



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I wonder why you focus on ideas that are going to improve the rating of other Members of the Community and create a strong competition.

Now how to evaluate the ranking activity to be fair?

I am currently evaluating very well current rules where mutual respect and a desire for selfless help are paramount!

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I definitely don't want to start a competition :D

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I think Microsoft also does not want contests in MTC!

Presenting modern products and many useful solutions encourages you to be in this 

Community and I recommend it!  

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Microsoft has such space for students - you can probably find similar articles about MVPs and MSFT

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Thank you for your feedback, broadly speaking I agree with the comments made by your fellow community members. The MVP Portal highlights new MVPs. There may also been reasons why we may not want to highlight new FTEs (or vendors) but we always keep in mind new opportunities to highlight engaged members across the community.