Partnering for an Idea

Partnering for an Idea



 Sep 20 2020
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Greetings sir,
                    We would like to introduce ourselves as a group of 5 teens, I suppose precisely like you. As you know these days the rate of suicide has shot up in a very sharp slope as a recent graph represented by WHO given reasons like depression, anxiety, mental pressure, peer pressure,judgement of the society etc. This software would help, not only in India but all over the world to overcome this mental pressure. We have attached below a file below for your knowledge. If you would prefer our idea which we call it as YOU MATTER over this problem faced  amongst  a major population of teens. Please let us know, Basically it is a social media platform where people share there innerself,In other social media platforms people share there happiness in ours they will share there sadness, Though its working will be discussed with you once you have a meeting with us. Just give us a simple chance. The market value for this idea is around $20B and the market for the problem of depression is increasing day by day. Basically all we need is your support.
         So that we could open up to you the whole idea, over a video conferencing with presentation.
Thank You for your precious time
Warm Regard


YM 2.pdf
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