Option to disable Microsoft anti phish security features

Option to disable Microsoft anti phish security features



 Apr 18 2023
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Our clients prefer to use third party mail filtering software.

Mail filter software is designed to reroute email coming into 365 through a connector for filtering then routing back into 365.

Microsoft 365 anti phish policy is catching email before it goes to the third party filter and sometimes after it is received back as well.

We need the option to be able to turn off all default anti phish mail security features as these are not even required in these scenarios with third party filtering!  Our client are  getting impatient about this as they continuously have to monitor and release email from the Microsoft quarantine that doesn't even work properly.  It picks up legitimate emails as well!

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Thanks for the idea! However, this idea space is only intended for ideas specifically for the Microsoft Tech Community website, not about other products and services.


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