Opening External Links in New Tabs by Default of Posts

Opening External Links in New Tabs by Default of Posts



 Nov 01 2017
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I would like to give a Idea to all links of posts that goes to external sites at Tech Community by default to open in a new Tab. If the links are to inside Tech Community should continue navigation as is.
This could give a best experience when open external links and keep the user on Tech Community in the other tab. 

Hey Nuno, this is something that we try to do as a Community Management team but ultimately it is controlled by the poster. We do encourage this behavior though. 



Ok, but is possible to have it by default? It could be a better experience to external sites and the user remains on Techcommunity after see the other site.

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@Nuno Silva


Thanks for the idea, I can understand why you're asking for it by default but it feels to me more like a community user education piece than a technical solution is required. 


I am not opposed to creating a technical sledgehammer to crack a technically small nut but I would be interested in hearing what the rest of the community think about this.


Please do socialize your idea and get some more community members to share their view. 

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Closing this as LOE is very high, instead we will work with teams to ensure that all content generated by product teams behaves this way be default.


All links posted by users should already be behaving this way.