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 Sep 15 2016
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The list of notifications is really important if you have been active on this network.


However, the list is really very poorly organised. It should clearly differentiate between likes and replies. I don't need to followup on likes but I probably do on replies. At present it is very hard to scan the list for replies.


In addition, it is totally unclear which things I've looked at and which I haven't.


These things continue to add significant friction to the use of this network and make it a very unprofessional experience.


I agree, if you have more than couples of replies (in general subscriptions' notifications) it becomes hard to follow them. As a workaround i right click on each of it to open in new tab and after that start reading one by one. But that doesn't work on mobile.


The ordering of the notification feed right now is based on chronological order only but we could add some adjustments based on your idea @Julian Knight - I think a solution that could work would be:

  • A notification feed filter between 'Likes' and 'Comments/Replies' (would work for conversations and blog article/idea comments)
  • A norification feed toggle between 'Read' and 'Unread'


I personally like that I can see all notifications and they don't disappear when I've read them.  Sometimes I may have clicked it on accident or been distracted by something else after clicking it.

Status changed to: Under review

In the meantime to see all the topics you've participated in you can view this on your private profile page under the filter 'Topics I've participated in'.

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Please note that I don't object to seeing all the notifications. What I object to is that I can't see which ones I've already been back to and read the updates for. That's crazy if you are active, especially if you are active in a busy post. It is even worse if you've been away for a bit, working out what to catch up on takes far too long.


We're definitely looking for an elegant solution to this.  We want to make it easier for our power users here in the community to catch up. 

Status changed to: Completed
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Status changed to: Completed