Notifications Emails for @ Mentions

Notifications Emails for @ Mentions



 Jul 25 2016
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Notifications appear to come through when someone mentions you here on the Office 365 Network, which is good. However a new notification e-mail is sent, telling you that you've been mentioned, every time that post is edited.


The subsequent notifications should be suppressed if the post is edited, unless perhaps the edit relates to the mention itself.

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This is good feedback. Thanks, @Benjamin Elias!

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@Benjamin Elias 


We are currently not able to replicate this error. If this is still happening, could you provide a bit more detail on the conditions under which this happens ? Thank you. 

Hi @Sarah.Gilbert - From memory this was a problem for one post that was edited frequently. That editing tends not to happen too often for most content here. Given this is 3 years old, you can likely archive it.

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@Benjamin Elias  Thank you for letting me know. We will go ahead and close this out for now. If it happens again please let us know 

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