Notification Email on Submitting a Community Event

Notification Email on Submitting a Community Event



 Jul 25 2019
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New Idea

We need to receive an acknowledgement mail when an event is submitted for a Community. Right now as a submitter I have no record that I have successfully submitted my event to the tech community site.

Community Manager

Hi @Augustine Correa 


Thanks for the suggestion, I will move your idea to the Community Ideas board.


I should say at the moment this not technically possible but always happy to add new ideas to the backlog. 


You will of course get an IM and email once your Community Event has been approved and added to the event list, hope this helps

Hi @Allen ….I had put up this post because, with a glitch in the internet connection, I was not sure if the event was submitted or not. Then I created another one....lo and behold I got confirmation for both the events :)


Ideally I would like to be notified of different statuses  that my event goes through [just like how other event platforms do ], beginning with the submission itself.

Community Manager
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