Jul 23 2018
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I wan't a feature to use nickname on this forum instead of the full name.


This is because we are using SSO with O365 and all users don't wan't their full name to be shown here. =)



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Status changed to: Not at this time.

As a community which connects professionals we have taken the decision that users contributions must be identifiable.


We are about to undertake a piece of work to allow users to select unique usernames and these will appear as the author to posts and in leader boards but your full name will still be shown in your profile.


Happy to revisit if there is sufficient demand but its not currently on our radar

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@AllenBut people can still register here using an alias account. I really like the idea of being anonymous here and such a feature would simply save me the trouble of creating an alias account. So I do not see anything in the way for such a feature.

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@Daniel Niccoli 


Thank you for your feedback, as you have said you can create an alias account and unfortunately anonymous posting is not something we wish to support. 


Kind regards


Allen Smith,
Tech lead
Microsoft Tech Community




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Status changed to: Closed