Next Gen of Cloud Platforms

Next Gen of Cloud Platforms



 Mar 02 2021
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I saw Satya's video recently about shifting the cloud to the domain specific areas.

As a start-up-er cloud platforms are terribly over complicated, thus we are forced to raise capital and many times we fail.


My 2 cents:


1) One is a Blender like node editor, where you can connect micro-services even UI components with each other (when you drag the system figure out how to connect and generator the adapters). Telcos are making domain specific designs through TMForums, but everything has been developed separately, however with a CI/CD pipeline by focusing only pure REST interfaces (avoid POST calls), it's feasible to generate fully functional microservices end to end from that definitions even by generating test data (spring data rest/kubernetes/mogo db). (According to the predefined regex, we can also generate test data) - The repetitive tasks (security/kubernetes config/code generation) can be reduced by 80%, and just the POST part needs to be developed. It's far more flexible approach, than to use an other custom-made domain specific solutions. Your client can define the domains or select existing one in a visual editor, and the system automatically generates the code and deploy. You can even connect microservices/iot components asynchronously also by only dragging.


2) Low quality of github repos makes nightmares for start-upers, if you can create a subsidiary and keep 30%, but share the other 70% with the opensource community, score their work by highly ranked random others, than all the individual ideas can get the quality and the resources to evolve, and help to the market in case, or mitigate intellectual battles. (original contributor also can get share from the copier) Scores/stocks can be traded. The start-upper does not require huge initial financial resources, and beg financial institutions to be able to use your system. The wealth will be shared and support the small innovators, not hinder them. (no lawsuit anymore because you are too big, and hinder competition)


Github/VsCode/Azure mix can achieve that.

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