New Group - DACH Community

New Group - DACH Community



 Jul 15 2016
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Dear team,


please create for me as an groupadmin the group: "Office 365 Usergroup DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)"   Yammer-Link:



Ragnar Heil (MSFT) , Raphael Köllner (MVP) , Kerstin Rachfahl (MVP), Emma Stephen (MSFT), Kady Dundas (MSFT)


You can use the logo from the Yammer-group for the new group here, please.


Thank you very much!



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@Maddie_Egan or @Lana O'Brien


Do you have some more information, if it´s possible to have a special group for our German language or only for the Office products?


If we will have no chance to have a German speaking community (700 members) in the official community, we have to think about a switch to your own Yammer network or to Meetup or Slack. The demand is there, in our opinion.  (Our = admins and member of the Yammer group)

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This is on our radar, however nothing to share now. 

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Any updates, @Lana O'Brien? Our customers are also requesting a Group for German speaking community to share local events, German Blogposts, studies which are only relevant in Germany, Austria, Switzerland.

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