New business model based on online education

New business model based on online education



 Jan 09 2021
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My business startup is based on education. It is combination of educational sites and social networking sites. This business model is a problem solution perspective model. The motto behind this business model is to solve the problem which I had faced in my college life. I know that Microsoft is already working in the education business model. I made a business model by studying the mindset of Indian students. After studying the problem faced by Indian students,requirement and need of India students i made this business model.My business model will help to expand business of Microsoft. My business model includes a recruitment website. But it does not compete with your recruitment portal LinkedIn. But it helps LinkedIn. 

My business model helps Microsoft in three different ways.

1. The first is I use Microsoft teams application in virtual classroom and second is online interview. In virtual classrooms it is used for communication between students and professors.In online interview Microsoft teams use for communication between interviewer and interview.

2. The Video lecture of the professor recorded in the classroom can be stored in a Microsoft Azure cloud storage facility. So, it also benefits Microsoft Azure cloud platform. It increases the number of customers of Azure cloud.

3.My business model helps to develop the business of Linkedin.

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Bihag Dadhania

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Thanks for the idea - however this is a space for ideas for the Microsoft Tech Community website itself, not for product ideas. Sorry about that.