MS Paint Canvas Resize and Image Quality

MS Paint Canvas Resize and Image Quality



 May 31 2020
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I am still using Win 8.1.  The MS Paint program is a very good tool, but I think it can be improved.  I am attaching a video:  I am trying to resize the canvas of an image, but I do not see the exact size in pixels.  It is a problem indeed because when I need an exact size, I would have to apply the new measures to the entire image and then it changes the proportions of the photograph.

I am attaching the video of the process, maybe somewhere the program can display the width and the height of the image.

It is also disappointing how few shapes are available in comparison to PowerPoint drawing feature and the general quality of shapes rendering (sharp edges, no anti-alias).

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This is the link to the video, I noticed that the upload is not in the message.  Sorry for inconveniences.

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