More badges and way to display them

More badges and way to display them



 Jun 08 2021
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Hi everyone,


I think we need in the MS Tech Community more badges and a way to display them.


Also a more transparent way how to get a new badge would be cool. (Fe. see all badges and how to unlock them)


A good example is TeamSpeak, where you can choose fe 3 Badges to display next to your name.  


Let me know your opinions



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Anyone can see the badges on the profile as they need!

Additional display of badges is unnecessary for me and takes up unnecessary space.

I think it's obvious. 

I agree with @A1 , badges is useless information which will overload the posts. Coloured status of the member is more than enough.

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@Siergiej Baklan

Thank you very much for your support - things like fb have been proposed.

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Status changed to: Planned


We actually have a plan to overhaul the badging and ranking system in the next 12 months. Not least of which because recognizing rank solely through the use of color is not very accessible. I am going to mark this as planned but I do not think our plans are as deep as you want them to be.


For example we have no plans to show all badges you could get and how you get them. We generally feel exposing this information would lead to users gamifying the system to simply collect the badges.

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@Allen that still sounds very great ^^

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So Allen's answer explains a lot!

Now I see this as a modern step forward!

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In community achievements are fun way to show how active have you been in the community. Currently achievements are limited like for few reply and likes. It would have been nice if this community would have been upgraded and add more achievements for active users like every 100, 500, 1000 likes, reply and so on. It would be a way to show active users would have more achievements and currently the only way to identify active users is through their ranks and manually checking their profiles.

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I think that explains everything - this is the answer to a similar idea.


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It is not the same as the one you shared, but it is similar.

I expressed there is a need to show achievements based on reputations.

It actually complement it.

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+1 similar idea to what I want. I'll follow this idea for 110%

@Reza_Ameri , do you really believe likes means achievement? On many platform people give likes for any reply they received, that only means "Okay, I read that". Nothing more. In general that's not the reputation, that's how active your are.

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Merging the two ideas together to save duplication.

The overhaul of rank structures has slipped a little in our roadmap but is still something we would like to do, so planned is the right status. We are also looking at how we might improve reputation by syncing profiles between Microsoft Tech Community and Microsoft Learn etc.

I would love to hear from the community what sort of achievements / badges would present the highest value to them.

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@Sergei Baklan it depends on the platform, for example in the Stack Overflow where reputation there means you are an expert. I know many developers received their jobs through the Stack Overflow and I believe with smart strategy, this is possible in this platform and it not only about number of likes, but how well they are participates and their contents.

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@Allen Thank you for follow up and merging.

I believe there is a need for algorithm to give achievements to experts like the one who are sharing valuable contents and solving problems.

It shouldn't be like only giving badge to higher number of likes but some means to proof someone who is an expert would receive special achievements as experts. 

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@Schnittlauch @Reza_Ameri @A1 

I started a list here: 

Feel free to let me know if you see something missing.

Thank you.

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looks awesome!