More badges and way to display them

More badges and way to display them



 Jun 08 2021
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Hi everyone,


I think we need in the MS Tech Community more badges and a way to display them.


Also a more transparent way how to get a new badge would be cool. (Fe. see all badges and how to unlock them)


A good example is TeamSpeak, where you can choose fe 3 Badges to display next to your name.  


Let me know your opinions



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Anyone can see the badges on the profile as they need!

Additional display of badges is unnecessary for me and takes up unnecessary space.

I think it's obvious. 

I agree with @Andrzej1 , badges is useless information which will overload the posts. Coloured status of the member is more than enough.

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@Siergiej Baklan

Thank you very much for your support - things like fb have been proposed.

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Status changed to: Planned


We actually have a plan to overhaul the badging and ranking system in the next 12 months. Not least of which because recognizing rank solely through the use of color is not very accessible. I am going to mark this as planned but I do not think our plans are as deep as you want them to be.


For example we have no plans to show all badges you could get and how you get them. We generally feel exposing this information would lead to users gamifying the system to simply collect the badges.

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@Allen that still sounds very great ^^

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So Allen's answer explains a lot!

Now I see this as a modern step forward!

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