Microsoft Technical Community Bug Report form

Microsoft Technical Community Bug Report form



 Apr 21 2022
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Sometimes, we observe a behavior which we believe this is a bug in the website. It is actually not a new idea but something which is not working. Currently, we could post a question in the discussion and someone from the Microsoft Technical Community will follow up. It would be nice if there is a form (e.g. inside Microsoft form) to report bug related to the Microsoft Technical Community and it ask details like how to reproduce it, location , expected result and actual result and it be in more professional way rather than a free form.



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Status changed to: Under Review

Reza, Thank you for the feedback. My biggest concern would be that we don't get enough bug reports to warrant the investment in the custom form, at the moment bug reports come in via the ideas board or directly to our email and this works for us.


Beyond that I like the idea and so I commit to discussing this with a few other stakeholders internally and then sharing where we land with this idea.


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Thank you @Allen for the clarification.

In this case, if possible, add status like when submit idea, add it as Idea or Bug, so we there is some sort of filter. But I am concern it might not be technically easy to develop.