Microsoft Rewards integration in this community

Microsoft Rewards integration in this community



 Oct 16 2020
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@Eric Starker it would be nice if we got Rewards points for likes and posting posts.

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@Kam Hello there! 


I'm moving your question to our Community Ideas space where your suggestion will be more properly tracked. No need to tag me in the future, we promise the Tech Community team regularly monitors this board.

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Ok, @Eric Starker. But I noticed it's different from the MS Edge Insider Discussions post page. It seems weird and new. I wish we could give likes for comments.

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That's because this is an ideas board, rather than a traditional discussion board. An ideas board is similar to UserVoice as a place to track product suggestions. It's styled so that people can upvote ideas and the more popular ideas are weighted more heavily in consideration for our technical team to consider.


If you'd like to suggest changes to the format of the Ideas Board, you can also do that as a separate idea. 


Thanks for your feedback! 

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I'll do something as a separate idea.

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It's a terrible idea, people would just spam and make useless comments/posts to get money.

@HotCakeX , +1. If downvoting will appear I'll use it here.

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Status changed to: New Idea
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Status changed to: Under Review



Thank you for the feedback, discussions are continuing around this but I have nothing specific to share at this time. We will of course update you when this changes.