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 May 17 2020
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Microsoft Tech Community is great place to share technical expertise. The weblog option is only available for Microsoft Employees and it would be nice to have a blog space for Microsoft MVP , so they could post weblog here.


For quality of contents, some of MVPs could work as editor to improve contents and before publishing , the blog post could be sent to Microsoft to verify , before publish it. 

Community Manager

Thanks for the suggestion! 


Just as a heads-up, some of our blogs do accept MVP guest authors on a case by case basis, so if there's a topic you're interested in blogging about (one that we have an existing blog for), email our team at and we can connect you to the owner of that blog for consideration. 

Bronze Contributor

Thank you for response, that would be great but it is too manual and we are still guests.

I am more interested in a way like create new blog and submit and it automatically goes through process of validation and publication.

Community Manager
Status changed to: On Hold



Thank you for your idea, we are taking a look at our MVP offering over the next fiscal so we will keep you idea in the backlog for future consideration. 

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Hi Allen,


thank you for follow up and hope to see this possibility in future.