Microsoft Ignite 2018 Business invite document format

Microsoft Ignite 2018 Business invite document format



 Apr 05 2018
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I have one suggestion - and this comes from experience.
Candidates from many parts of the world come for this event, who do NOT need a visa, but still find this document needed, and useful.
Due to current strict border control policies, documents like these are asked, even you are from a Visa waiver country (like myself, from Netherlands), especially EU region.
But we are still asked questions like:
  1. What is the purpose of your visit, and how long you are staying?
  2. Are you here for business or pleasure?
  3. What is your point of contact, who can verify what you are saying?
  4. What is the location you are staying?
  5. How long you are staying?
And so on. 
Hence, I'd strongly suggest the following:
  1. When downloading this document, have a dropdown choice of whether the candidate is traveling with VISA, or come from a Visa-waiver program.
  2. If the candidate come from a Visa-waiver country (Visa not needed), adjust the letter format and change the subject reference accordingly.
  3. For Visa participant, it can stay as it is, and for other candidates like myself (Visa not required), maybe change the subject to something like this:

Business Visitor (On Visa Waiver program) - <Name of the candidate>

I believe we need this, for our stress free travel for Ignite.
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@Pinaki Ghatak ,


The Microsoft Ignite team will look into this when they release the documents for Microsoft Ignite 2019. 



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Any updates on this please, since now Ignite 2019 bookings are already in progress?.