Microsoft connected digital photo frame

Microsoft connected digital photo frame



 Apr 30 2022
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I have all of my digital photos going way back to 2004 now backed up on my Microsoft one drive account and no way to enjoy them. Why don’t Microsoft come up with a digital photo frame that I can buy that I can use to display these photos in my home.


Or alternatively you can even create an app that will enable an old surface tablets to be transformed into a digital photo frame (and even come up with some cool accessories eg wooden frames etc that can be used to perpetually charge them /and hang them on a wall or stand them up on a table top etc).


I’ve got thousands and thousands of digital photos on onedrive that are never seen. The major (competitor) cloud services have ways for people to display these photos in their homes but Microsoft doesn’t? This will become even more in demand as the years advance and more and more peoples photo libraries will be migrating to the cloud. There is so much potential opportunity here! 



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Thanks for the idea, but this is specifically for ideas for the Microsoft Tech Community website, not for other products or services. Sorry about that.