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Menu Item tooltips



 Jul 15 2016
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Please provide tooltips with additional descriptive text when we hover over menu items

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yep, sadly those don't work well for mobile browsers.

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Thanks for the suggestion, @Dean Gross Smiley Happy

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Hi @Dean Gross


Would you mind sharing some examples of where you would like to see tooltips?

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On the Communities page, hovering over each card title provides a tooltip that duplicates the title text, it would be better if it provided a descriptive phrase of the purpose of the community, not everything is self explanatory to new people and some of the spaces have similar titles.

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Understood thanks and a great idea.


Will review with the team and come back you. 

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Hi all,


We have not been able to provide tooltips but we are looking to incorporate community descriptions into the 'Communities' tab, we are expecting to launch this shortly and would appreciate your feedback once it's live. 

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Our take on this idea has gone live today, please have a look and let us know what you think 

Implementation is good enough, as for the content it adds very few information. For most communities "Your community for best practices and latest news on <community name>".  I guess that's since very few communities give the summary of what they cover. As Cloud and AI international:

Give feedback for the localized Microsoft Azure, Data Platform, Visual Studio, Dev tools, Enterprise Mobility and AI

But above is cut when transformed to community tab


Perhaps it's worth to add one more line to this field.

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@Sergei Baklan,


Thank you for the feedback, I think there is a need for us to get better at providing descriptions for communities but to deliver this feature we went with a standard template. and so most communities will probably contain fairly similar text.


The suggestion for an extra line is a valid one, perhaps another suggestion would be to keep descriptions short enough to fit on two lines.


We have already had some comments that its now all to wordy.

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Status changed to: Completed