Materials for Presentations

Materials for Presentations



 Feb 02 2018
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One of our main activities is to conduct presentation about Microsoft Technologies. In order to do presentation, I need to use nice and attractive icons and animations (e.g. 3D logos, glass logos and so on). Consider slides in Ignite and other Microsoft presentation. For now, I have to do search for images or look for old presentations to find logos and icons. It would have been nice to have database of logos and icons which we could use to deliver nice presentations like product logos. icons for companies , networks, cloud , security and others.

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Thanks for the idea.


We will look into it - If other community speakers or leaders would find this useful please upvote the idea.


All ignite PowerPoints can be found here and all tech summit PowerPoints here.

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Thank you for the update, what I am doing is using available PowerPoint slides and get what I want from there like what you point out to presentations.


However, what I am interested is list of Templates for PowerPoint and images and icons which I could use to create Microsoft Style presentation (not just public available templates). We need to have common language of our presentation in Microsoft and Community and it should be different from what is available in public.

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Thanks for this, I know @Anna Chu & @Dylan Snodgrass are looking at things we can give to the community events leaders / speakers to help them deliver content and I will make sure this feedback is passed on. 

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Thank you, it is very important to have a good material to create nice PowerPoint slides.

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