Make the hamburger menu/header sticky

Make the hamburger menu/header sticky



 Jul 15 2016
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Since the text is already massive, and in a long running conversation you are ten miles down the page, need to  make the header bar sticky so that you can quickly move in between groups/communities/topics

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Thanks, @Brent Ellis! This is great feedback.

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yep, at least some kind of navigation, either top or hamburger menu should be sticky. 

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Now with the NEW menu (several weeks ago), there is a hamburger menu at the top left.  I'd like the option to PIN this in the open position. 

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This is in production

I thought it's retired and we have hamburger menu only on mobile view

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So the idea was to have a sticky header / hamburger. The header for desktop is sticky and the Hamburger for mobile is also sticky. 


If I have misunderstood something please do not hesitate to call me out on it. I am just going through the old Idea's and tidying up



Allen, i see. From that point of view more ideas you close the better. I could be wrong, but on the one hand majority of them appeared at very beginning when the site was quite ugly and people were not happy with moving from Yammer to this platform, on the other hand with redesigning of Ideas block it became quite hard to use them.


I guees many of ideas are not relevant even if they are still open.

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I have just created an entry in my plans to improve the idea's UX.


Over at skype we used to have a simple filter that let you see ideas by status i.e.


New       Under Review         Accepted        In Development    Released    Closed


and I am thinking something similar might work here. If I do not find a post in the idea board on this I might well create one and ask the users what they would like in terms of making it easier to see what Idea's have been submitted and how they are progressing through the review process. 


Great idea, and if you want to ask users better to do that in Community Discussions, at least before you redesign the Ideas. Much more chances you'll have the feedback. 

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