Make an pre-installed app for feedbacks and suggestions.

Make an pre-installed app for feedbacks and suggestions.



 Apr 24 2021
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Make an pre-installed app in windows for feedbacks and suggestions. Whenever we get errors, problems, and whenever we have to give suggestions, feedbacks we will be open that app in give errors report or feedbacks. Make an app this is an Good idea Without searching in browser's for suggestions and whatever. With technical supports, and one support person can controls our windows to help our problems.
Community Manager
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Thank you for your idea however I am going to close it.


1) We already have an idea for a mobile app for the Microsoft Tech Community and 2) if your feedback is for another product other than the Microsoft Tech Community you would need to post it in the relevant board. What I would say is many teams are onboarding to a new method for collecting ideas / feedback within Microsoft and so its possible something like this might come out of that effort.