Macro Enabled Files

Macro Enabled Files



 Jan 13 2022
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Why is it possible to attach a macro enabled workbook (xlsm) but not a macro enabled Word document of template?

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We don't currently support it, because there hasn't been any call for it in the community previously.


Creating an idea here, as you have done, is the right way to go about suggesting it - if you have a specific use case or any followup information you want to share, feel free to let us know below. 

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Status changed to: Under Review

If you support this idea please upvote it. 

It should either be possible to upload any type of macro enabled file, or it should not be possible to upload any type of macro enabled file.

If the community decides to allow the uploading of macro enabled files, there should be a prominent warning that such files could contain malicious code and that users should in the first instance, hold down the SHIFT key when opening the files to prevent any auto macros from running and they should then look at the code in the Visual Basic Editor to satisfy themselves that there is nothing malicious in that code.

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Word does that for you now, as does Excel but hear what you're saying. I will check back on this idea next month and see if its gaining some support.

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Status changed to: Completed

Thank you for the feedback, despite the lack of support from the wider community we have enabled this.

Thanks, Allen.