Live Holoportation Football Match

Live Holoportation Football Match



 Jun 13 2019
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I recently watched a video on you tube of the ‘Gallery invasion’ by Skullmapping and ‘Holoportation’ – both were so amazing and cleverly done. Excellent!

I am putting forward an innovative idea that I have had for a while. I understand that Microsoft is the leader in new technological innovative ideas. Hence, my contact with them.

The idea is for a virtual LIVE football match to take place on home ground while the football team are away. This was be a live performance, but seen virtually on the pitch. Home fans who can’t travel to the away matches, can buy tickets at a much reduced price to see it virtually.


There appears to be some sort of synergy with what you do and this idea.

I hope you can advise on the possibilities of this idea coming to surface with your company. 

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Thank you for your idea, unfortunately this is out of scope for the Microsoft Tech Community Feedback board, I wish you luck with your idea.

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