Live holographic wallpaper

Live holographic wallpaper



 Oct 14 2020
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For a longtime i have been fascinated by space images, thus thought of how Microsoft gave its funs a teaser of 3D holographic images of the exoplanet,stars, blackhole,planets and nebula from satellites to the phone.
I am no physicist but i understand that holographic images are as a result of bending laser beams at the same time. With so doing, how about using the front camera to project the holographic beam itself.We all know that cameras use convex lenses that converge light into a single focus ,, so how about making an additional lens but this time round a diverging lens to help form the holographic image.The concave lens should be movable/interchangeable for the mobile user when taking pictures.
Basically the convex gram is an idea that incorporates the use of the hologram, the front camera to be re engineered to create an image into the space and instead of using convex lens , divergent lens should be used.


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I stand to be corrected if I sound minformed,Thank you
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